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Nourishing and Nutritious Child Nutrition Program in Calgary

Your child’s nutrition is of utmost importance. Establishing good eating habits early on can greatly benefit your child for both short-term brain development and future health. Through our child nutrition program in Calgary, Bow Trail Daycare Ltd ensures that your child remains healthy, physically as well as mentally. We provide food with a family-like touch. When your child is at our daycare facility, we always take care that your little one eats the right proportion of meals, at the right time and with the right nutrients. 

We Cook and Serve Healthy, Wholesome Meals

We continually reinforce the importance of a balanced diet at our daycare center. For children who stay with us throughout the entire day, we provide 1 homemade lunch and 1 afternoon snack. These transition meals help maintain a schedule, letting children know that the day has proceeded to the next phase. We also maintain variety by rotating between a summer and winter menu. 


Our daycare is an allergy-friendly, nut and egg-free center. We take into account allergies and other dietary restrictions. We engage with nutrition experts to plan and devise our menu considering children of all ages- infants, toddlers and preschoolers. 


Have Any Questions About Allergies or Specific Meals?

Our team would be happy to answer all your questions about your child’s nutrition.

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